Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Just Add Water...and Anya

I have finally managed to make a card using my new mermaid Anya stamp.
My 8year old Aimee loves mermaids, she found a TV show called H2o just add water (Australian on Nickleodeon) and has fallen in love with mermaids, so when I saw this stamp, I just had to get it.
I have coloured Anya in colours very similar to Ariel (The Little Mermaid), I got this idead form Aimee who coloured in one using these colours.
It doesn't show in the picture but Anya has little bits of sparkle oall over her hair, top & tail, I used a Sakura Stardust pen and just dotted it over, I have done some more and have spread the sparkle using a waterbrush.
I have also decorated the inside using the same papers I used outside (printed on the computer).
Sentiment on the outside and words inside also done on computer (the words are some from the TV shows theme tune)
Anyway I will give her the card after school. I hope she likes it.


CraftyC said...

Oh June, you do make me laugh!!! Got to admit though, its a great CD isn't it. Maybe you need therapy to help kerb your spending. I've been saying it for years myself but I think I'd sink into a deep depression if I couldn't spend just a little ROFL
Have a lovely weekend and I'm sure the card will go down a treat!!

Joy said...

Hi June bet Aimee loved this card. Anya is a beautiful mermaid - love how you've coloured her and the background is fantastic, so watery xx