Saturday, 30 October 2010


One of the baby cards didn't upload so here it is......It just had to be the on with the peel offs too lol

Baby Cards

One of the Mum's Aimee and I walk to school with, had a baby girl last month, Aaiya (Rhymes like Hiya) had such an unusual name I just had to include it on out card, another Mum asked me to make her a card as well. Aaiya has a big brother and I did not want to leave him out, the idea for a Big Brother card came from when Aimee was born my Mum got her a Big Sister T shirt.
I made the baby cards the day before my Sundae of Seasons Cd arrived so I used bits and pieces from my stash (including the dreaded peel off which I really don't like using much) the Big Brother cards have been made using Sundae of Seasons and Not for Girls CDs (I just love the Coool Tweets).
So here they are, four cards in one go, I promise I will blog again very soon.

I am back!

I have been neglecting my blog since the the end of the summer. Now it's nearly the end of the half term holidays, the girls have been away on the Isle of Wight, back tomorrow in time for Trick or Treating.
Anyway I have been busy making cards, not just for Birthdays but for Christmas too (yes the dreaded C word).
I have been keeping my printer VERY busy of late as I am just addicted to crafting CDs, my favorite at the moment is the latest from Polkadoodles (who else lol) Sundae of Seasons. If you haven't seen it yet, just go and visit and click on the gallery, you will see loads of fab inspiration from Nikky and her DT.
Anyway as it's Halloween tomorrow I though my first showing in a while would be the Goody bags I have done for tomorrow just for Kathryn, Aimee and some of their friends, all elements from Polkadoodles Sundae of Seasons and the Halloween Download available from the website.