Sunday, 19 August 2007

Hello From Me

I decided after seeing so many fellow crafters have blogs on here that I would start one myself.
A little bit about me I suppose to start with.
I am a full time Mum, with 2 lovely girls 10 and 6 and a wonderfully supportive husband.
We live in London.
I love cardmaking, atcs, patchworking and quilting (my newest venture), I have passed my love of crafts onto my daughters, both of whom love cardmaking and atcs.
Being in London we suprisingly have a shortage of craft shops.
I have just returned from a 3 week holiday on the Isle of Wight and had a lovely time visiting every craft shop on the Island and I even went to a cardmaking workshop.
I hopw someday I can meet fellow crafters in my part of London and get together to share ideas and just have fun.
This is one of the cards I did during my workshop on holiday, it had the theme tag cards.