Monday, 9 February 2009

An Elvis Card

As you might realised by now I make cards for all of Kathryn & Aimee's classmates.
Sometimes I receive a special request, this time Kathryn asked me to do a special card for her friend Olivia who likes Elvis (It's nice to see the younger generation exploring the "old" stuff).
So here it is, an Elvis birthday card. I had to include a bit of bling, a shiny piece of holographic paper. I chose an earlier image of Elvis in his prime, a very handsome young man indeed, I prefer to remember him like that rather than than the Las Vegas/white jumpsuit era.
I have also done an insert to suit the card, I hope she likes it.
Happy Birthday Olivia!

1 comment:

London Mummy said...

Gorgeous and Elvis looks fab too :) Thanks June, Olivia is going to love this, so very thoughtful of both you and Kathryn.