Friday, 18 September 2009

Animal Crackers

Are a really yummy biscuit snack they have in the USA but sadly we can't get them here...anyway thats not what this post is about lol
I have been using my Cds a lot lately to do crafting and it was time I made some more cards for kids. I have been using my Crafters Companions Boys and Girls CDs, I just loved the artwork on these toppers especially the cute animals. Some of them I have decoupaged up (not something I do very much) I have a large stock of animal print cardstock (from pouns shops) and they are great with the safari animals.
So here are the first 2 cards using the Zebra and Lion, all I need to do is add inserts and an age if needed.
More cards to be posted soon as I am busy doing Christmas cards and cards for the RAF out in Afghanistan, I heard about this via Tiwtter, a lovely fellow crafter called Cazz has organised this in her town, I did try and find somewhere close to home but to no avail and as my brother was in the RAF, I had to help.
If any crafters out there would like to send cards out to our Guys n Gals to send home to loved ones just go here