Sunday, 27 July 2008

Not crafting but funny

My 11 year old daughter Kathryn was out playing last Wednesday and decided to wander into the lift of the block of flats behind us. She didnt tell anyone she was just out and about. I was on the computer, dh in the kitchen, then I hear a neighbour was fixing his stock car at shout out to hubby the he says "your daughter is stuck in the lift".
Poor hubby went up to the third floor , poor thing was out of breathe due to his asthma and other lung problem, luckily she was fine. Jason our neighbout tried opening the door with a crow luck. So 999 was called. They turned up quite quickly, luckily Kathryn was calm the whole time and we were even entertained by Jason and his mate who decided to run a race.
Anyway after a short time we could hear sirens, around they came blue lights flashing, I directed them to the block, then to my hubby. They had the door open pretty quick , the lift wasnt level with the doors so they had to help her down. Myself and my younger daughter watched from our balcony and gave a big cheer. Kathryn was given the call out sheet as a souvenir of her ordeal. My hubby having some journalistic experience (in the music press) decided to write a report which I made into a newspaper cutting using a site I found on the internet.
It soon got around the school the next morning what had happened and she soon saw the funny side of it.


Lydia said...

Oh dear...glad she's ok now! :)

Wacky Jacky said...

Oh your poor daughter. We were stuck in a lift, donkey's years ago, when our son was in a pushchair. An experience I wouldn't want to repeat. Glad everything turned out ok. xx